How to Login to SonicWall:



When you first try to visit a webpage, the SonicWall will re-direct you to an Authentication Required page.

Click where it says:  Click here to log in.




On the next screen you will need to enter your username (first initial + last name) and password (the default password = password).

You will then be asked to change your password.



Once logged in, your web browser will display a message saying The SonicWALL has granted you access.

You will also notice a separate smaller pop-up window.  That smaller window MUST NOT be closed.  It may be minimized, but closing it will terminate your connection after five minutes and you will need to log back in.




Now you are logged in.


The bigger window (pictured above with the words The SonicWALL has granted you access) can be closed, or used to navigate to a different web page.






*Note:  Before using any internet-based application (E-mail, FTP, IM, etc) you must open a web browser and login to SonicWall.  These applications will not work unless you are first logged in.